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Yun Xu was born in Shanghai. She studied at the Freiburg University of Music with Tibor Hazay and Annekatrin Klein and completed her concert examination with distinction at the Bremen University of the Arts under Stephan Seebass.
Her concert activities in Europe and Asia include solo performances, song accompaniment, and instrumental chamber music.

Michail Paweletz
studied violin at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT) with Mark Lubotsky and at the Folkwang University of the Arts, among others, with Walter Levin.
He has performed in chamber music ensembles such as the Tessera Quartet and orchestras of various orientations, such as the Musikfabrik NRW or the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra. Michail Paweletz is a presenter for the "Tagesschau" news program.

Benjamin Sprick
studied cello at the HfMT Hamburg with Bernhard Gmelin and music theory with Reinhard Bahr. As a cellist, he played in the NDR Symphony Orchestra Hamburg and is currently a member of various chamber music ensembles. Benjamin Sprick teaches cello and music theory/philosophy as a lecturer at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.

Benjamin Sprick/Michail Paweletz
Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 85
20359 Hamburg